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Your self care is our top priority.

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There is a sense of being in each and every one of us. It is an honor for you to allow Ambiance Shop to help bring that to your attention. What does that mean? Well, have you ever had someone command or order that you take a break? Are you too busy worried about other don’t make enough time for yourself? We’ve all been stressed at some point in our lives and it is our mission at Ambiance Shop to help you create the most serene, comfortable and optimal healing space for yourself.

Your self care is our top priority.

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to be perfect and bring your body into alignment to thrive while reaching your metaphysical goals that your heart desires.



Hello!! My husband uses them and loves them!


They work really great! One can last very long


Good morning [:sunny:] ! It was amazing! The smell was super good, and it burned beautifully. It set the mood for my yoga sessions! 🥰 I was about to contact you to purchase some more…


Yea I loved it! Burned well and didn’t have a stale smell at all. I do plan on getting more! I just haven’t used my second one yet, I like to do it when my whole house is clean and I’ve been super busy and slacking.